Discover the Économusées du Saguenay: A unique artisanal adventure!

July 07, 2024

Discover the Économusées du Saguenay: A unique artisanal adventure!


Designed to preserve and promote artisanal trades while offering an enriching experience to visitors, the ÉCONOMUSÉES® extend across 15 tourist regions of Quebec, including Saguenay. But what exactly is an economuseum?


What is an ÉCONOMUSÉE®?


An economuseum is both a place of artisanal production and a museum space. The artisans share their traditional know-how while adapting to modern techniques. This allows visitors to discover the manufacturing process and appreciate authentic products, combining tradition and modernity.

Quebec: Cradle of ÉCONOMUSÉES®

The concept of ÉCONOMUSÉES® was born in Quebec and developed in various regions, each offering unique landscapes and cultures. The artisans, true ambassadors of authenticity, invite you to immerse yourself in their world and discover the richness of their profession.


The ECONOMUSEUMS® of Saguenay


Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean

All rights reserved Délices du Lac-St-Jean 

In their family business, Émilie Gaudreault, Lisette Paré and Marie-Michelle Théberge highlight local blueberries through a variety of delicious artisanal products. Specializing in the processing of wild blueberries, they offer you a taste journey through jellies and jams to syrups, everything is designed to respect the product and its benefits while preserving its taste. Délices du Lac-St-Jean puts its creativity to work by transforming a tricycle into a tasting bar, but also by arranging their new premises to improve the visiting experience with an immersive airlock among other things.


Stream Honey

All rights reserved Miel des Ruisseaux  

Patrick Fortier and Shirley Tremblay were able to take advantage of the great local diversity of flowers. The founders of Miel des Ruisseaux invite you to discover the fascinating world of beekeeping. Holding more than 300 hives with 100 bees each, the company initially producing honey, has diversified in its offering to offer not only the only mead in the region, but also various honey-related products. With their desire to raise awareness in a fun way, they have set up a visit punctuated with interaction and tools making everything immersive for a unique sensory experience.


The Chocolate Factory of the Fathers


Marshmallow on production table being coated in chocolate
All rights reserved Chocolateries des Pères

It is the fresh blueberry coated in dark chocolate that has made the Chocolaterie des Pères' reputation since 1939. But it is also thanks to its Easter figurines and especially the quality of its products that the chocolate factory has stood out. Their quality is undoubtedly due to the traditional processes imbued with passion and know-how that the Chocolaterie des Pères team is committed to maintaining. Discover the world of the Trappist Fathers in their magical site. You can enjoy a virtual tour of the workshop, as well as tastings of chocolate products or even take part in a thematic circuit.


Cristal du LacPhoto of the mineralogical activity center, showing a mineral store

At Cristal du Lac, you enter the wonderful world of mineralogy. An enchanting place for the whole family, you can come and prospect for your own crystal, precious, semi-precious stones and other minerals, as well as imagine yourself as a gold prospector for a moment. You will be able to discover the profession of crystal prospector as well as the crystal gallery with numerous pieces extracted from the Métabetchouan mine. A tailor-made visit with activities for everyone, from opening oysters to gold panning, the mineralogical world at your fingertips.


Perron Bakery

All rights reserved Boulangerie Perron 

Founded in 1896, Boulangerie Perron in Roberval is a true institution. Clément Perron, owner since 1989, perpetuates baking traditions with passion. Respect for traditions guides Clément Perron in the footsteps of his ancestors to offer a quality finished product, thanks to carefully chosen raw materials. Who wouldn't travel miles for their milk sandwich bread? Chatting with this artisan is like entering into his life and his family, you will be able to see the production workshop, enjoy a video describing the stages of bread making and above all taste fresh products.


At the edge of the fields

All rights reserved At the edge of the Fields 

For almost 100 years, À l'Orée des Champs has been promoting family heritage with its lamb products. Through a visit that you choose free or guided, discover the history of the farm and come into contact with the lambs at the farmhouse. A display window will allow you to observe the butcher at work, after which a tasting and a visit to the store will seem inevitable. Then take advantage of the picnic area and the country table for a bucolic experience.


Mistouk haskap berries

All rights reserved Camerises Mistouk

Myriam Savard and Luc Lamontagne cultivate a berry that arrived in Quebec only a few years ago. Indeed, it was in 2007 that we began to cultivate haskap in Quebec and it was from 2013 that this small blue berry with a complex taste entered the couple's daily life. Discover their products, from jams to hot sauces, and participate in pick-your-own to familiarize yourself with this little-known fruit. A guided golf cart tour, a boreal spice garden and tastings are also on the program.


The Goatherd of the North


All rights reserved Le Chevrier du Nord

Since 2000, Annie Pilote has been breeding Angora goats to produce mohair clothing. The craftswoman draws inspiration from traditional processes, but adds contemporary tools. Visit the production workshop, discover the craftsman's profession and explore the new boutique. A unique experience that combines traditional know-how and innovation awaits you.



Saguenay is full of artisanal treasures to discover. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, these economuseums will offer you an enriching and authentic experience. Take the time to visit these unique places and let yourself be seduced by the passion and know-how of our local artisans.


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