Mother's Day

May 11, 2024

Mother's Day

 Tell him with stones


Tomorrow, May 12, 2024, we will celebrate mothers throughout Quebec for their wonderful powers. They gave you life, what could be better than the power of stones to thank them for this beautiful gift?

Here is a selection of what latecomers will be able to find at the store this Sunday, May 12 before going to mom's.


A unique jewel


With century-old and thousand-year-old stones, you show your mother that your love has no limit in time. It existed long before you and will never die.


Polished stones



She treated your wounds and ailments as a child, and she still does, what better way to thank her than to offer her an assortment of healing stones?

Onyx candle holders


Light up their darker days by offering not just a candle that burns out, but a unique candle holder of incredible beauty.



A gift certificate


Give her a gift certificate for an excursion to the mine from June 8, she will have the chance to leave with her own quartz crystals.

If you don't know what to choose in the store, the gift certificate will also do the trick.

A bottle of meditation

 This gift for mothers already initiated into the power of stones will be sure to delight her.


An amethyst geode


For initiates and others, amethyst geodes are a gift that is sure to arouse wonder. In addition to purifying the room in which it is placed, it will bring a unique decorative touch.


A pearl extraction box


You can opt for a gift that in addition to being unique is fun. The possibility of opening her own oyster in an all-inclusive box to discover her pearl which she can then insert into a piece of jewelry contained in the box.



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