Reading month at Cristal du Lac

June 15, 2024

Reading month at Cristal du Lac

In this month of reading at Cristal du Lac, it was important to us to offer you a selection of books related to mineralogy, and to offer you articles that could brighten up the lives of those who love reading and stones, available in our stores in Saguenay.


Our reading advice in Geology

               Geologica (HFullmann): A complete work which relates an immensity of knowledge on the creation of the Earth and its reliefs. We talk about plate tectonics, volcanoes, deserts, climates, and much more. You will undoubtedly learn much more about terrestrial reliefs and their influence on biodiversity and the different forms of life on Earth. Robert Coenraads, who wrote the preface, speaks of “a journey to discover the Earth”


Our advice for a book on minerals

               The great encyclopedia of minerals (Ground): 

A superb illustrated encyclopedia in which you will find more than 600 methodically recorded minerals. The macro images of the minerals make this book like a jewel, pleasant to leaf through and simply look at, but you will have just as much pleasure delving into the introduction on the formation of crystals, the secrets of their color, sometimes even their particularity luminescent, among other mineralogical information helping you to better understand the 602 technical sheets that follow.

Nature Guide: Rock and Minerals (Broquet):


Closer to a pocket format, you will find essentially the same information as in the large encyclopedia of minerals, with the addition of the history of each mineral presented in a summary of a few sentences. A section on rocks will give you additional information, as will its introduction which answers the main questions for a beginner in geology and mineralogy, such as "how to identify minerals". This book containing more than 900 illustrations will undoubtedly be your best ally if you go on a prospecting expedition.


Our advice to learn more about the power of stones:

WARNING: Lithotherapy does not replace medical advice.

The power of stones (FIRST editions):

This book allows you to take a look at common stones and minerals, however, the number of stones treated is very partial. What we like, the whole advice section, the index of healing powers, but also the very striking and attractive visuals of this book. We recommend it to people who are starting out and do not yet have their personal collection. Indeed, this addresses the basics of lithotherapy, with an atypical classification and summary which can make the work interesting to those who do not specifically want an encyclopedia but support in opening up to the world(s).





Our articles for a soothing reading corner



To enhance the beauty of your library, use beautiful stone bookends. Find in pictures the bookends available at the Jonquière store.


Onyx BookendsOnyx stone bookends

 Treat yourself with these carved Onyx bookends



Or invest in a pretty set of agate bookends. 



To avoid dehydration, why not add a water bottle to your reading corner. Our beautiful bottles are not very portable and will definitely enjoy the company of a reader. You can opt for a unique piece made by a local artisan with quartz crystal from the mine or for our beautiful bottles with a polished stone base. We leave you with images of the products still available at the Jonquière store.


Selenite Tower

To add a beautiful atmosphere, bright or not, to your reading space, we recommend selenite towers. They cleanse and recharge energy, allowing your reading corner to be purified by its simple action. For a brighter touch, install your Selenite tower on a lamp to diffuse a beautiful light conducive to peace of mind.



We wish you, dear readers, a good month of reading, hoping to have inspired you. 



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