What to do in June 2024

June 02, 2024

What to do in June 2024

What to do in June 2024

 Saguenay Lac St-Jean offers a myriad of captivating activities for curious people of all ages. In this article, we present to you a selection of unmissable activities for the month of June 2024, guaranteeing moments of wonder and discovery for the whole family.

In the last article, we gave you ideas Activities around mineralogy to do with the family in Saguenay, here you will find a quiz to help you select your flagship activity for June 2024.

Test: personalize your activity

 Question 1: On vacation favors you

1. Nature


2. Culture


3. Culinary discovery


Figure 1: Photo credit Jiffy April for Shutterstock


Question 2: Are you looking for

  1. A sports activity
  2. A unique and fun activity
  3. A gourmet activity

    Question 3: Do you want to do something?

    1. Friends
    2. For families
    3. with a lover

    You get a majority of 1:  

    The Véloroute du Fjord, the Véloroute des Bleuets

    We advise you to bring your bikes and set off on an adventure on the region's Véloroutes. Choosing between the Véloroute du Fjord and the Véloroute des Bleuets, you will contemplate breathtaking landscapes but you will also be able to enjoy local activities along the route by equipping yourself with cycling experience which lists them all along the map.

    Hiking in Saguenay

    If you don't have a bike, there's no shortage of hiking in Saguenay. We recommend this page from the tourist office which lists hikes according to different criteria, notably difficulty and distance.

    You get 1s and 2s:

    Excursion to the Cristal du Lac mine

    A perfect activity to do this summer, the excursion to the Cristal du Lac mine. From June 8, the Cristal du Lac will once again offer its excursions, you can already go to the website to reserve your place this season. The discovery of an open-air mine where you come to pick your own Quartz crystals will delight young and old in a fun, open-air atmosphere.


    You get 1s and 3s:

    U-pick: Discover At the Gardens of Alex and Jennie et Red Sun Cultures

    The activity that we recommend to satisfy your appetite for activity and indulgence is self-picking which is practiced in different places in Saguenay. We can invite you to pick-your-own at the Alex and Jennie Gardens, but also in various blueberry fields everywhere in Saguenay or in Cultures Soleil Rouge.


    Oscar's Estate

    You could also go to the Oscar estate, several activities are offered, a mini farm reinvented as a village will be able to delight young and old, as well as the possibility of accessing their hiking trails. But above all fresh fruits and vegetables as well as daily chicken eggs.

    You get 2:

    The Builders' Odyssey

    The builders' odyssey is not to be missed; you will discover the history of Lac-Saint-Jean in an immersive activity. June is also the start of outdoor activities that will delight families thirsty for culture. The course is interactive and immersive. An experience not to be missed.  


    Alpaca Bersi

    We also suggest Alpaga Bersi, a farm just 6km from Saguenay where you can observe, discover and feed Alpacas on a short one kilometer route for a gentle encounter with these little-known animals.

    You get 2s and 3s:

    Honey from the streams

    Delight your taste buds with stream honey and its honey-derived products of exceptional quality. We haven't forgotten your appetite for culture, which can be satisfied from June 25 by visiting the Becoming a Bee exhibition at the Économusée. This journey will immerse you through virtual reality in “the skin” of a bee for a unique sensory experience.

    You get 3s:

    The St-Crème creamery and sandwich shop

    Discover the unusual in this 1938 Church by coming to taste their ice creams or their sandwiches, you can prolong the pleasure by sleeping on site because the old church has been redeveloped into a hotel.


    In conclusion, here you have the article that will delight everyone, what could be better than discovering the region together through the landscapes, fauna, flora and geology, but also through gastronomy and taste. We let you choose, because we already know what our summer will be like, and we hope you will be part of it.



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