Carnelian Tree of Life no.152

Cristal du Lac

  Carnelian Tree of Life no.152

The trees of life are all handmade and rest on a mirror. The foliage consists of polished carnelian stones.

Carnelian is a magmatic stone is a variety of orange-red chalcedony. Chalcedony is a fine stone, used for jewelry.

 When collecting Crystals on the mining land, prospectors make sure to remove them with the utmost care. No blasting is used on the Cristal du Lac site.

The matrices come from the walls of a fault in granite with a high content of quartz crystals. To extract it, we must first hammer the granite on both sides of the fault using small tools such as a punch and a sledgehammer in order to release it thoroughly. All around there are small crystals that have detached from the walls.

It's about of a 250 million year old coin. The growth of the crystals is 10 years per 000 cm.  

Tree of Life no.152
Dimension: 15 x 5 cm x 6 cm


Carnelian helps us connect with ourselves while stepping out of our comfort zones due to our pre-built ideas.

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