Health measures: COVID-19

Activity Center: Open

No reservation necessary and quick outside reception with little waiting time.

For outdoor activities: no face covering necessary 

For the Boutique and Extraction-Perlière: face covering compulsory

Measures implemented:

Hand washing, contactless payment, floor marking for fluidity and social distancing. Regular disinfection of service areas, indoor toilets and seats available for outdoor waiting.

The employees have a visor, a mask or will gladly serve you behind a plexiglass.

Jewelry is automatically quarantined after testing.

Prospecting-Express: Open 

Measures implemented: Chlorine in the water of the wash house and disinfection of sieves and tables after each customer.

Omission of hats, magnifying glasses, placemats and quarantined menus.

No picnics or pets will be accepted on the site.

Pearl Extraction: Open

Measures implemented: Expansion of the Extractions-Perlières area.

No reservations, go directly to Métabetchouan Activity Center

Mine Excursion Location: Open

Online reservation required

Measures implemented: Disinfection after each use: tools, glasses, hats, containers for crystals and tubs. Possibility to bring your own protective goggles and gardening gloves.

Considering that the activity is external, the distancing is easily applicable. Limited group with reservation.

Economuseum: Open

Measures implemented: It is possible to see a collection of minerals and quartz crystal on site, but without animation.

No reservations, go directly to Métabetchouan Activity Center.

Workshop-Boutique Jonquière
(South rendez-vous)

Measures implemented: Mask compulsory, disinfection of the premises regularly and jewelry quarantined after each test.

*** Temporarily closed for the summer season - Visit our 2 sites in Métabetchouan ***

Group outing (Tailored)

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