Tree of Life no.156

Cristal du Lac

  Amethyst Tree of Life

The Trees of Life are all handmade and rest on a black rectangular glass plate. The foliage is made of polished natural amethyst quartz stones


Amethyst is a variety of quartz whose purple hue is due to iron. It has been used as a gemstone since ancient times. The purple color can be different in intensity depending on the origin or the quality of the stone.


It is a 250 million year old coin. The growth of the crystals is 10 years per 000 cm.  

Tree of Life no.156
Total dimension: 25 x 9 cm x 9 cm
Tree dimension: 8 x 9 cm x 6 cm


Amethyst promotes the spiritual sense, it awakens our spirit. It helps to find inner peace. It is a stone of passage and separation.

Trees of life symbolize the force of life and its origins

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