Blue lace agate Agate necklace jewel

Cristal du Lac

Blue lace agate Agate necklace jewel

Discovered in Italy, more precisely in Sicily, agate takes its name from the river where it was discovered, thepurchases. Now renamed "Dirillo", this Sicilian watercourse measures 54km and flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea. This name dates back around 2000 years and was given by the Greek naturalist and philosopher, Theophrastus. 

Blue lace agate can be presented under various aspects, we generally encounter it in the form of small plates or small fragments but we can also sometimes see it in the form of pebbles. It is a stone which very regularly lines the cavities of volcanic rocks. The stone is surrounded by 925 silver

The photo truly represents the product you will receive 


Blue Lace Agate is an excellent stone for development of expression and communication skills. With its great delicacy, it promotes mental appeasement, inner peace and emotional stability. It is also a stone that we very often associate with serenity

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