Chrysoprase necklace jewelry

Cristal du Lac

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Chrysoprase necklace jewelry

From a mineral point of view, chrysoprase, a variety of chalcedony, is composed of silicon dioxide and mineral inclusions from nickel. It belongs to the quartz family. By its green color, it is sometimes confused with the jade.Chrysoprase finds the origins of its mysterious name in the Greek language. Chrysos describes the shine or golden appearance of an object. Prason means “leek”. We can imagine that the choice of these terms refers to the green hues and golden inlays of the stone. The stone is surrounded by 925 silver

18in chain. Included

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Chrysocolla is the stone of appeasement, tranquility, peace. It encourages forgiveness, compassion, and gentleness, and strengthens emotional bonds. It makes the guilt, anxieties and conflicts that we may feel within ourselves or with those around us disappear. It is also associated with intuition, patience, and unconditional love.


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