Bumblebee jasper necklace jewel (bumblebee jasper)

Cristal du Lac

Bumblebee jasper necklace jewel (bumblebee jasper)

Bumblebee Jasper, also known as Boudon Jasper, is a truly unique stone that evokes the beauty and power of nature. This stone of volcanic origin is distinguished by its captivating mix of yellow, orange, black and white colors, reminiscent of the bright hues of a bumblebee in flight. The intricate pattern of this stone, with its smoke-like swirls, is truly fascinating and prompts deep thought. The stone is surrounded by 925 silver

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Bumblebee Jasper is recognized as a stone of introspection, a wonderful talisman for those seeking to explore their inner self, discover their deepest desires and establish balance between body and mind. Its calming properties are useful for overcoming anxiety, stimulating positivity and promoting general well-being

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