Shamballa type adjustable stone bracelets

Cristal du Lac

Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are adjustable according to the width of the wrist. These types of bracelets are suitable for both a man and a woman.

Natural stones are polished

      Several choices of stone:
Amethyst and HematiteReduces stress and anxiety
Rose Quartz and Hematite: Rose quartz increases the capacity to love, the strength of the heart as well as self-love. 
Carnelian and Hematite: Connect with oneself
Fluorite and HematiteStrengthens our courage and our will
Red Jasper and Hematite: Strengthens our courage and our will
Unakite and Hematite: decreases sadness and heartaches.
Opalite and Hematite: Stabilizes mood swings
Hematite : Gives us a better awareness of our basic needs and helps to improve our living conditions.

Lava Stone Bracelets (volcanic stone) are available in 3 colors. It is possible to put a few drops of essential oil in it. It is a rooting stone
          White, Gray, Black
Approximate dimension: 18 cm adjustable circumference

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