Soy Candle with Crystals

Cristal du Lac

100% natural soy wax candle

Each candle contains a Quartz Crystal from Lac Saint Jean (Cristal du Lac mine) as well as several other stones

Choose your fragrance between a delicate scent of coffee or citrus that will create the desired atmosphere at any time

Dried flower petals enhance your inspiration of the moment. The wooden wick allows a longer duration of your candle. 

Amethyst & Calm
Rose Quartz & Love
Carnelian & Trust
Fluorite & Mental Clarity
Pyrite & Luck
dimension: 8 cm in diameter x 6 cm high

Quartz crystal in each candle for Energy


This product is entirely made by Cristal du Lac with real natural stones.

Also used for aromatherapy


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