Pearl oyster: La Populaire

Cristal du Lac

The Popular

Live a pearl extraction, a unique experience, allowing you to extract yourself a pearls which you will be the first to discover inside its mollusk.

Each oyster contains certainly a beautiful quality pearl that fits easily into a piece of jewelry.

 Popular Oyster 
 15 random shades
 Round shape
 6 to 8mm pearl inside
 Compatible with pearl cages
 Contains a Popular Oyster, a pair of gloves and the instructions for use
       Vacuum packed product

The Popular Oyster contains one round pearl among 15 possible colors.

Each pearl will surprise you with its color and its superior luster.

The choice of shades is determined at random.


According to ancient beliefs, the pearl comforts the heart and soothes emotional imbalances.

The popular oyster is ideal for a first experience, you can create a fascinating moment in your privacy.

Proudly wear your jewel pearl as a keepsake.

 Open one or more oysters and adapt your pearls according to the personality of the guests. Keep your pearls in their natural state or insert them into a hinged jewelry. A one-of-a-kind gift that will appeal to young and old alike.

Pearl mining will become your event of which you will be the master.

Pearl is an organic mineral formed from calcium carbonate and aragonite called mother-of-pearl. Its hardness is 3,5 on the Mohs scale


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