Private Event on August 4 with Caroline B.

Cristal du Lac


When: August 4, 2024, 10:30 am

75 min.

Or: at the Économusée de Cristal du Lac located at 1840 route 169 Métabetchouan

**If the weather permits, the session will be outside, otherwise it will take place in the Économusée**

Experience a unique moment of deep rejuvenation in an environment that breathes the energy of Crystals conducive to feeling deeply soothed in addition to feeling revitalized. 

💎Bring your mat

💎Bring water
💎Bring your openness to taking care of yourself
💎A drink will be served on site

Description Yoga Nidra & Energy:
Lying on the ground, accompanied by the luminous energy of Reiki, my creation Nidra happiness is a practice which provides a feeling of deep appeasement, of being enveloped in softness, of instantly plunging into the depths of one's heart, a heart-to-heart encounter. soul, allows you to equip yourself and feel relieved without physical or mental effort. Indescribable by words and defined by feelings and the feeling of express rejuvenation.
Yoga Nidra allows you to reach a state between wakefulness and sleep. This practice allows for deep relaxation, mental, physical, emotional and psychological. Between hypnotic and awake states, it allows you to travel during guided visualization. It allows you to find yourself, as well as to place your intentions deep within yourself. Other than helping in situations of stress, anxiety, anxiety, depression, obstacles, raising one's energy level, it also allows one to recover, regain sleep or improve its quality. 1 hour of Yoga Nidra = 4 hours of deep sleep.

Caroline Bouchard
In addition to my studies in Life Sciences and my career in the medical field with health professionals, Caroline B. is certified in Yoga Nidra, Reiki Master of the recognized Reiki and naturopathy institute, holistic coaching and practitioner in NLP from schools recognized by associations. She also has several hours of yoga practice for the last 12 years and she continueswe develop in yoga and for the fascinating world of treatments combining energy, meditation, aromatherapy and the vibrational frequencies of sounds and mantra. 


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