Online Pearl Extraction Videoconferencing

Cristal du Lac

These products are intended only for those who have booked their Pearl Extraction moment online

2 options:

Do you have a budget to respect?

Select the category of oyster and jewel before to live your activity by adding to the cart and make your payment now


Do you want to choose the category of oyster and jewel? As things progress of the activity?

Let us guide you in the choice of your oyster and your jewel (between $ 14,25 and $ 68) during your Pearl Extraction activity

Choice of oyster

Oyster Popular contains a round pearl of 6 to 8 mm among 15 possible colors
Oyster Classical contains a 6 to 8 mm round pearl among 4 classic shades.
Oyster Royale contains one or two round, semi-round or oval white beads of 6 to 12 mm
Choice of jewel
Pearl cage: hinged jewel to insert your pearl
Ring: adjustable: 9,25 silver(drilling included)
Luxury pendant: silver 9,25 (drilling included)
Eyelet without chain: silver 9,25 (drilling included)
Earring: silver 9,25 (drilling included)

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