Quartz crystal matrix no.223

Cristal du Lac

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  Tangerine Quartz Crystal Matrix No.223

A unique collection stone, remarkable for its perfection and beauty. The tips have a tangerine tint, it stands out from the others, because the crystals are very well formed and it has no granite at its base.

The crystals are slightly transparent and of an exceptional color. 

This matrix has a slightly tangerine to rock crystal hue. 

The Matrices are extracted in an artisanal way by crystal prospector.


Natural Quartz Crystal Matrix
Origin of the Cristal du Lac mining site, Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean
Tint matrix hematoid
Size 10 cm 17 cm x 5 cm

When collecting Crystals on the mining land, prospectors make sure to remove them with the utmost care. No blasting is used on the Cristal du Lac site.

The matrices come from the walls of a fault in granite with a high content of quartz crystals. To extract it, we must first hammer the granite on both sides of the fault using small tools such as a punch and a sledgehammer in order to release it thoroughly. All around there are small crystals that have detached from the walls.

It is a 250 million year old coin. The growth of the crystals is 10 years for 000cm.  


Quartz crystal arrays are mainly used as energy amplifier, it is favorable to place arrays in common places to promote communication.

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