Ethical Mine Quartz Crystal Pendants from Quebec

Cristal du Lac

  Pendants Silver wire AAA natural quartz crystal

Quebec Ethical Mine

Quartz crystal pendants 2 points (bi-terminated) of high quality dyed  Tangerines

Silver 925. 

Quartz crystal tips are natural and authentic and they have not undergone any transformation.

 From the mining site 105,00 of Cristal du Lac, Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean. (Quebec)

 Spun pendant

Quality: AAA
Size excluding chain 
A: 3cm x 1cm 
B: 3 cm x 1 cm 
C: 3,5cm x 0,8cm
D: 4cm x 1.1cm
E: 3cm x 0,6cm 
F: 2,5 cm x 1 cm
 Pendant includes 9,25" 18 silver chain.

 The two-terminated crystals are pieces that one carries on oneself since they promote the sending and receiving communication. The natural biterminated crislal is also a stone of balance, in addition to energy.


The points are extracted in a traditional way by a crystal prospector. When collecting Crystals from the mountainside, prospectors make sure to remove them with the utmost care. No blasting is used on the Cristal du Lac site.

 To extract the crystals, we must first hammer the granite on both sides of a fault with a high quartz content, using small tools such as punch and sledgehammer in order to free it thoroughly. Once the entire cavity is uncovered, one can access the collection of quartz crystals.

The biterminated crystal spikes usually rest on a bottom matrix of the cavity of a geode of crystals. They are extremely rare and require a single rinse with water to reveal their shine.

The growth of the crystals is 10 years for 000cm in length, which materialized some 1 million years ago.


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