Biterminated Tangerine quartz crystal point no.101

Cristal du Lac

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  Biterminated Tangerine quartz crystal point no.101


It is a rare stone due to its tangerine color and its double point shape. Quartz crystal is natural and authentic. and it has not undergone any transformation


Natural Biterminated Tangerine Quartz Crystal
Provenance of the Cristal du Lac mine site, Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean (Quebec)
Dimension: 8 cm X 2 cm


Crystals from the Cristal du Lac mining site are hand-mined by a crystal prospector. During its collection on the mining site, the prospectors ensure the quality of each stone. No blasting is used on the mining site. Each crystals or matrix are cleaned with household products before being carefully




Quartz crystal matrices are mainly used as an energy amplifier but also to purify other stones, it is enough to simply place them on it

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