Find your, emeralds, crystals of quartz, amethysts, fossils and several other minerals in a Prospecting-Express, accessible to everyone. No hiking!

As in the Klondike era, sift your sandbag in the mineral wash : a 12 foot waterfall. Exceptional treasures will shine before your eyes and you can then identify your precious and semi-precious stones with the help of a poster Crystal of the Lake.

An activity for all ages 2 to 99 years old on the regional road 169 in Métabetchouan! 


Red Bag (semi-precious stones) | $ 15,50 + tx

Green Bag (rubies, emeralds, crystals, etc.) | $ 28,50 + tx

Yellow Bag (arrowheads, pyrites, crystals, etc.) | $ 25,25 + tx

Blue Bag (shark teeth, bones, fossils, etc.) | $ 22,50 + tx

Giant Bag (stones, fossils, giant amethyst) | $ 41,50 + tx

Bring the contents of your bag home (from 25 to 100 minerals)

Price for Combos