Frequently asked questions for the Activity Center

Do I need to book for activities at the Activity Center?

No, these are outdoor activities except for the museum and the shop.

With the Covid-19 situation, I don't want to wait too long, how do you operate? 

There may be around ten minutes of waiting depending on the number of visitors and the activities chosen

There are times that are more popular than others (between 11 a.m. and 14:30 p.m.)     

We have extended the time slots

 Can I eat there?

It is not possible to picnic on site, except for those arriving from Excursions to the mine

How much does it cost?

Entrance to the Mineralogical Activity Center is free for all

The cost depends on your choice of activities for example: a family can choose a large bag of minerals to do the Exploration Express activity for 39,50. Another family can choose a geode to crack and a pearl oyster for $ 20. Everyone makes their own menu according to their budget and interest

Are there departure times for the Mineralogical Activity Center?

No show up at the time that suits you according to the opening hours of the Mineralogical Activity Center

What time do you advise me?

Our greatest attendance is between 11:00 a.m. and 14:00 p.m., the choice is yours!

I have a dog with me can I bring it? Unfortunately no

How much time should I plan for at the Mineralogical Activity Center? About 1h30 

 My children are 3, 6 and 9 years old, what do you recommend?

The whole family can do activities at the Activity Center (even the 3-year-old!). We still recommend that children over 8 years old live the excursion to the mine with a parent. During this time the youngest are at the Mineralogical Activity Center.

 I have a teenager, what to do with him?

The excursion to the crystal mine is a winning experience as well as the pearl oysters and the Prospection-Express activity

Can I bring a stroller to the Mineralogical Activity Center? Yes

To extend my day, what can I do in Métabetchouan?

The public beach Le Rigolet, the musical camp of Métabetchouan. and various activities


 Frequently asked questions for the mine excursion

Are we sure to find Crystals in the mine? Guaranteed success!

My child is 7 years and 9 months old, can I register him for the mine visit?

No, it takes 8 years to access the Mine Excursion 

What is a walking shoe?

Espadrille, hiking shoe, walking sandal closed at the ends are accepted

I have doubts about my physical capacity to do the Excursion ....

            Contact us by phone in order to properly refer you

I recently had hip surgery. Would you recommend the Excursion? No

I am overweight, will I be able to take the mine excursion?

If you are in good shape, yes. This is a mountain hike with a group.

Can I pick up more crystals from the site?

No, however, it is possible to acquire parts already extracted on the site

I'm late for the Excursion, will the guide be waiting for me?

No, but you can join the group

I have a dog on a leash, can he accompany me on the Excursion? No

My child is between 8 and 14 years old, can I send him or her on the excursion on my own? No

The weather forecast is uncertain, what's going on with the Excursion?

It is all at the same place unless there are exceptional conditions, in which case we will contact you as soon as possible.

Do I need my tools?

No, Cristal du Lac will provide the necessary equipment

Are there any signs to get to the Mine Excursion site? Yes

Do I have to go to the Mineralogical Activity Center before the Mine Excursion?  No