Faceted or natural crystals

Cristal du Lac is a Quebec company that specializes in the artisanal extraction of quartz crystal. It is in our open pit deposit that the team of experienced prospectors carefully selects and routes the stones according to their quality for different needs.

The whole extraction process is done using traditional methods that respect both the crystals and the environment.

A family business

A visit to Cristal du Lac is both a discovery and a passage through time. Under the roof of a century-old barn which has retained all its cachet of yesteryear, enhanced by a warm welcome, young and old alike will experience activities associated with the world of mineralogy. In addition to the minerals of the world with vivid colors displayed in all respects, at the store, you will be dazzled by the discovery of pearl oysters which contain a pearl of your choice that will be the envy of those around you.

You will be amazed by a visit to the Galerie du Cristal which contains more than a hundred specimens of quartz crystals in unusual colors, sizes and shapes. And what about the prospector-crystal maker in his Economuseum, which will captivate you with the geological history of crystal. This mineral from the magmatic depths recognized as a semi-precious stone in Quebec and which adorns jewelry counters. 

The picking of a simple quartz crystal rock has become, with the commitment of a family, the spearhead of an adventure that has continued to grow for a decade.

An unparalleled tourist site, located on the regional road near Lac-Saint-Jean. You will be delighted by its spaces, its greenery and its amenities offering a downtime conducive to family reunions.