Polished stones & tumbled stones

Cristal du Lac

The tumbled stones are of a perfect size to wear on oneself and thus benefit from their therapeutic virtues.

Each stone has been lovingly polished over several weeks, giving it an enviable luster.

Size: between 1.5 and 5 cm

Little slightly different from the photo
* quartz crystals from Lac-Saint-Jean *



Amazonite : tenderness and happiness, it dispels sadness. 

Amethyst : Reduces stress and anxiety

Chevron Amethyst : ideal for those who are overworked, helps calm nervousness

AventurineConducive to relaxation, Stabilizes the state of mind

citrine :It increases our joy of living

carnelian :connect with yourself

Quartz crystal : Gives energy, helps communication

Fluorite: Strengthens our courage and our will

Hematitebetter awareness of our basic needs and helps to improve our living conditions.

Blue howlite : Excellent for sleep

Jasper landscape: Connectivity to earth aid

Red JasperStrengthens our courage and our will

Labradorite : Sgreatly stimulates creativity and imagination. It strengthens our sense of intuition. Stone of protection

Golden tiger eye : Pallows you to be on the lookout for complex situations while keeping hope and making good decisions.

Onyx : Helps with stability and self-esteem

Moon stone:  Calms overreactions

Smoky quartz : increases the capacity of the weight that one is able to carry

Rose quartz: Rose quartz is a stone of sensitivity and love. It is linked to the strength of the heart and to the specific characteristics of women.

Zigzag : helps us to give ourselves limits

Selenite: Selenite soothes and calms, it brings softness

sodalitehelps us connect with ourselves while stepping out of our comfort zones due to our pre-built ideas.

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