Personalized tree of life

Cristal du Lac

  Personalized Tree of Life

The Trees of Life are all handmade and rest on a matrix of quartz crystal. The foliage consists of polished stones of natural quartz, carnelian, aventurine or amethyst. When collecting Crystals on the mining land, prospectors make sure to remove them with the utmost care.

The matrices come from the walls of a fault in granite with a high content of quartz crystals. . No blasting is used on the Cristal du Lac site.

The Trees are custom made, here are the options

3 dimensions available
Approximate dimension
Small: base (matrix) between 10 and 15 cm / height (including the tree) between 8 and 14 cm
Means: base (matrix) between 15 and 22 cm / height (including the tree) between 8 and 18 cm
Fat: base (matrix) between 22 and 35 cm / height (including the tree) between 15 and 20 cm

Colors and stones available

Carnelian (orange) | rose quartz and clear quartz | aventurine (green) | burnt orange / red (jasper) | sodalite (dark blue)

Type of foliage:

unique pierced stones | amalgam of small stone to create a leaf
Tree trunk
Black wire | silver thread



Trees of life symbolize the force of life and its origins

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