Clay & crystal soap

Cristal du Lac

LogoCristaldessin_227bd935-8308-45f0-ad23-871d245f87cf_32x32.jpg A handmade soap, with quality ingredients, natural and biodegradable.

In addition to containing a Polished Crystal that can be used for energetic purposes, the clay-based soaps cleanse and moisturize the skin:

 Clay Red , perfect for the skin normals and dry in addition to being known to improve blood circulation,  
 Clay blanche is perfect for dry and fragile skin
 Clay gray Kamouraska is designed for skin normals and fat

With different smells and various crystals inserted inside, there is something to please everyone. 

In collaboration with Quai des bubbles and Cristal du Lac, members of the Economuseum

Types of soaps

Gray clay & verbena : this soap softens and revitalizes the epidermis (for normal to oily skin)
White clay & lavender : it is soft and remineralizing (for dry, normal or acne-prone skin
Red clay & sweet mint : it invigorates and restores luminosity to the skin (for normal to dry skin)


Crystal : Stimulates energy
Amethyst : Brings calm
Quartz rod : Improves sensitivity and promotes love
citrine : Brings energy and dynamism 

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