Pearl Oyster Party, turnkey box for birthday party

Cristal du Lac

Pearl oyster party

Receive a box containing the desired number of pearl oysters. With your guests, have fun opening the oysters to discover magnificent pearls and insert them into a jewel.

The box contains:

3 popular oysters,
1 classic oyster,
4 Pearl cages with 18 in. chain. ( view the photo)
4 storage pockets,
1 oyster knife,
1 pair of gloves
Each additional participant will receive 1 popular oyster, 1 pearl cage with chain, 1 storage pouch.

Each oyster conceals a pearl, this is guarantees! You can then easily insert it into a pearl cage type jewel (included). Each pearl will surprise you with its color and its superior luster. The choice of shades is determined at random.

Oyster Popular contains a round pearl of 6 to 8 mm among 15 possible shades
Oyster Classic contains a 6-8mm round bead in 4 classic shades

**'add the number of participants desired**


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