Cristal du Lac


Pendulums are the perfect tool for divination and meditation. This pendulum is made of natural and authentic stone



Amazonite : tenderness and happiness, it dispels sadness. 

Amethyst : Reduces stress and anxiety

Aventurine :Conducive to relaxation, Stabilizes the state of mind

carnelian :connect with yourself

Quartz crystal : Gives energy, helps communication

Hematite better awareness of our basic needs and helps to improve our living conditions.

Iolite: Promotes restful, deep sleep while reducing nightmares

Onyx : Helps with stability and self-esteem

Moon stone:  Calms overreactions

Sun stone promotes positive thoughts

 sodalite helps us connect with ourselves while stepping out of our comfort zones due to our pre-built ideas.

Rose quartz: stone of sensitivity and love. It is linked to the strength of the heart and to the peculiarities of women.

 Length including chain: between 20 cm and 26 cm depending on the type of pendulum


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