Natural incense sticks

Cristal du Lac

Natural Incense Sticks provide premium quality incense imported from India to scent your space. Formulated from natural plant raw materials, incense sticks provide a rich, soft and peaceful scent. Use them to create a calming and serene atmosphere.

                          *Each sachet comes with 20 incense sticks

Sandalwood : For spirituality, and helps make choices while providing protection

Amber : Love, comfort joy and healing

frankincense : Ideal for meditation, spirituality, purification and attracts luck

Opium : Helps you have lucid dreams and find answers

Cannelle : Boosting wealth, prosperity and business success

vanilla : Used to create a safe and energizing environment

Patchouli : Stimulates spirituality and meditation and brings balance 

Rose : Promotes love, fertility, courage and brings calm energies

Lavender : Purification and healing, attracts love, peace and harmony to the environment

Lemongrass : Increases memory, focus and helps reduce fatigue

Eucalyptus : Increases concentration and protection against negative energies

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